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  • Basic

  • Personal Website or Blog

    Writers  |  Artists | Photographers

    • $17.50/mo*

    • 50% off 1st 3 months
    • *Regular price: $35/mo
    • Free Website
    • Unlimited pages
    • 7GB Storage
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • Included with Order
    • **Free Domain 1st year
    • **Free Installation & Setup
    • **Free Training
    • Page Builder
    • Firewall & Hide Login
    • Image Slider Plugin
  • Business

  • Business Website

    Entrepreneurs | Small Business

    • $32.50/mo*

    • 50% off 1st 3 months
    • *Regular price: $65/mo
    • Free Website
    • Unlimited Pages
    • 13GB Storage
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • Included with Order
    • **Free Domain 1st year
    • **Free Installation & Setup
    • **Free Training
    • FREE EXTRAS | Basic +
    • Built-in SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Connect 3rd Party email host
  • eCommerce

  • eCommerce Shopping Cart

    Artisans  |  Products  |  Services

    • $42.50/mo*

    • 50% off 1st 3 months
    • *Regular price: $85/mo
    • Free Website
    • Unlimited Pages
    • 17GB Storage
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • Included with Order
    • **Free Domain 1st year
    • **Free Installation & Setup
    • **Free Training
    • FREE EXTRAS | Business +
    • PayPal & WooCommerce Setup
    • Prestashop Platform Option
    • Unlimited Products/Services
  • eLearning

  • eLearning Website

    Professionals  |  Educators

    • $60/mo*

    • 50% off 1st 3 months
    • *Regular price: $120/mo
    • Free Website
    • Unlimited Pages
    • 24GB Storage
    • 2GB Bandwidth
    • Included with Order
    • **Free Domain 1st year
    • **Free Installation & Setup
    • **Free Training
    • FREE EXTRAS | eComm +
    • LMS Learning Platform
    • Unlimited Courses
    • Member Profile

** Free with all Munden Media web hosting packages. The fee for installation with other hosting providers is $1500 plus cost of premium website theme (~$200). 

See service details below. Consider Munden Media your personal Design Consultant.


Consulting services start at $150.00/hour but we offer fast turnaround so the cost is less than those who take longer, at lower rates. Contact Munden Media to discuss your needs. Training you how to maintain your own website is FREE. Unlike many hosting providers, at Munden Media, you own your domain and your website and can cancel at any time.

We do all the setup for you, and train you to do the rest. It’s what we call the “D4U” plan (done for you) rather than DIY (do it yourself).


Service Detials

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Consultation for your unique solution!

You want to present something online.



I am an artist, photographer or a student who would like to showcase my work. I want a Home, About, Portfolio and Contact page only but would like the option to add other pages, like a Blog, at a time when I start writing.


You need the Basic package because you just need a ‘stage’ in which to present your portfolio work, be it crafts or photography. This is a low-cost alternative than the business package and provides a number of dynamic portfolios to showcase images, audio or video.



I am a freelancer, small business offering consulting services but I don’t sell any service or product online. I just need a Home, About, Services, Pricing, and Contact page. I might like to add a calendar where people can make appointments.


You need the business package that will allow you to present your services, but you don’t need eCommerce because you don’t sell online. You might sell a product or service after you have made contact with a customer but not online.


As soon as you start selling a product or service online, you will need an eCommerce store and connect it to a payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe or other preferred method of handling merchant-side checkouts. If you want to check out on your site, you need to purchase an additional SSL or secure socket layer certificate for your check-out page. This is usually an added subscription fee.


You want to sell a product or service online



I sell a service or product online and need a store where I can allow customers to buy online and checkout securely. I need a Home, About, Shop, and Contact page but might like to add in a blog at some point.


You need a storefront and woocommerce to connect checkouts to a payment gateway or you can purchase a SSL certificate so customers can checkout on your page. You are much better off hosting your own store and that way you get all the profit. If you set up with a 3rd party, like Shopify, you have the advantage of a huge audience but a percentage of every sale goes to the 3rd party you are hosting with. Having your own online store with WordPress and Woocommerce is easy and may be a more profitable alternative for your storefront solution.



I am a professional, teacher or personal trainer/coach and would like to work with someone to design, layout and write an online course that I can sell. I have 5 in mind but would like to start with just one. I will be selling these courses online.


You need an eLearning  package. The fact that you want to sell online, means you need a some type of shop with a checkout. The fact that you want to sell online courses means you need an additional WordPress plugin that will allow you to quickly organize and present your topic lessons in an orderly fashion with or without quizzes. This means you need both an eCommerce store and and eLearning platform, which both come with the eLearning package. While this package is higher in price, when you get your course up and running, it will run 24/7 and automatically add learners and payments to your account, what is called ongoing passive income. If advertised correctly, you can see a return in as little as one to six months. It depends on how aggressively you promote your courses once they are done. It also depends on how well you price your product. I took an online oil painting course for $250. There is much you can do with your knowledge, so packaging it for sell is a great profit for you at the same time, gift for those who need your knowledge to do some better, more efficiently or get a better job or recover sooner.

No. The hosting is a flat monthly subscription. When you get your package, you have plenty of space and bandwidth to handle a small setup to a very large setup. You can add as many pages, posts, portfolio items, product items as you need. None of these will cause you to have to jump to another level. If you are a photographer who starts selling your work, then you need an eCommerce store. If you are a business that starts selling services online, you will also need an eCommerce store. If you are a writer who decides to package your work in the form of an online course, you will need an eLearning package.


Many hosting providers set their pricing tiers based on email usage and bandwidth. If you start an eCommerce store with 100 hits, you are ok. If the server starts getting 1000’s of hits, it will cause the bandwidth usage to skyrocket, causing your hosting cost to go up. You will encounter this most everywhere you go. You have to look at it for what it is, though. You are getting 1000’s more people to your site and purchases should be increasing which will offset any increase in hosting fees due to excessive bandwidth usage. You must keep in mind to look at an increase in price in relation to an increase in your sales.


Most plugins are free but many offer premium levels, which is usually a subscription service. I try to stay with free versions as much as possible but if it is a “MUST HAVE” plugin then it is up to you if you want to purchase the subscription so you can get a license key to open up the plugins other features you made need most.

Yes. You must have a hosting package that provides you with cPanel, the platform where your website files are stored. Most do. I can then install the WordPress platform and any theme you have chosen. If you have not picked a theme, I can help you do that. Themes may cost more but they are usually under $100. I can also install plugins. If you have a PayPal account, I can connect your to woocommerce. I can also install a Joomla, Mangento, Prestashop or Moodle platform. All fall under the $1500 fee for installation and 1 hour of free training on the administration panel so you can manage the site after it is installed.


If you need pages built, images placed, content inserted, products /prices /attributes /categories set up then those fall under maintenance and will be priced by the hour at $150/hour. You can estimate at least 30 minutes for each product listing. If the images are high resolution, content is ready to copy/paste then this speeds the process and I can get much more done in one hour. I can build a whole site in a couple of hours, if I have everything ready to be placed. Most of the time it takes weeks because text is not written, images have to be retaken, pages have to be redone, etc.

Yes. Graphic and packaging design is based on the hourly fee. I am quite fast though. I provide 3 compositions for you to review and choose from. Once you have the one you like, you have two revisions that can be made.

If you are wanting to start a business, contact me for a free consultation and I can get you started on the right path and guide you along the way. You must have a name, logo and then I can layout business cards and build a website. Check out That is what we did with this non-profit entity.

Once I get notified of a payment, I will set your cPanel up and install your site in less than 30 minutes. I will then either contact you to discuss what you want the website to do for you and I will pick out 3 themes to show you. You pick the one you like and I will install that. It takes about 15 minutes to purchase and install a theme. I use free themes but can install a theme you purchased or a theme you found and want to purchase. Most of my clients like the one theme I pick for them because I choose themes that have the functionality you need, e.g. an appointment calendar, a paid membership service, a portfolio that can be filtered by certain categories (photography photos).


Once the site is up and running we schedule a time where I can go over the administration panel or I can send you links to learn via video presentations, whatever suits you. The site can be ready in as little as 1 hour but most people don’t have the content written for all the pages (Home, About, Blog, Services). The Contact page is the fist page to get completed. When the platform has been installed and the website is ready, it depends on how fast you respond with images and content to put into the site, before it goes live. It will stay on ‘maintenance mode’ until the site is ready. With one click of a button, you site will GO LIVE.