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Free Consultation > Free Installation > You provide text & images


Is it Worth it? YES!!!

You may find cheaper hosting, but you will face huge expenses to hire professional design help. The frustration, time, and expense are not worth it. They don’t have your best interest in mind. Their hourly charge is high and can go up from $3,000 to $ 5,000, taking an enormous amount of time that leads to tremendous frustrations.

Trust me, I save many of my clients from this expensive alternative.

Visit Client Gallery

Don’t waste your time doing design work if you don’t have graphic skills or simply don’t like to do it. It will take away the valuable time you could spend on your business. Let me do the work 4U! Click on the gallery link above and see what others have accomplished. Yes, these are FREE websites. Some only took hours to install and build.

“My mission is to provide an affordable website presence for everyone.”

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Website development layout sketch drawing

High Quality, Fast Installation at Affordable Prices!

Hi and Welcome! My name is Genevieve Munden. I started Munden Media in 1999 and obtained an LLC in 2018.

I am a freelance designer and business consultant with undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Biology. I have a Master’s in Education in Learning Design Technology and specialize in developing online eLearning courses.

If you have a skill, together, we can turn it into a 24/7 automatic passive income by building an eLearning course. You can share your knowledge with others while scaling or building your business.

How does it work? 1) Write out what you do in a notebook. 2) Design an outline of what you can teach others. 3) Then, you can build the courses and lessons. I will guide you along the way.

I spent 15 years as a Marketing Director, specializing in product development. For the last 20 years, I have worked in big pharma as an IT Quality Consultant. I work fast and efficiently, focusing on details. My Passion is helping others grow their business, so Let’s Get Started!


What you get

When you host with Munden Media, you have your own personal business consultant and graphic and web designer. A real person with whom you can contact to make changes or get advice on how to expand, build, or revise a website. I can help you scale your existing business or start a new one. You own your domain. You own your website. I put you in full control, and there are no limits. Build as many pages as you want!

  • I let YOU focus on what YOU do best … Your business.
  • So I can provide you with what I do best … Design your website.
  • It’s a D4U Service (Done For You!).

Step 1) Free Consultation

We discuss your needs & opportunities

Step 2) Free Installation

WordPress website platform and a theme of choice 

Step 3) Three Review & Revise ZOOM Meetings

I train you on how to maintain your site

Free Premium Plugins

This is a HUGE savings! (SEO, Translation, Security)


Your Domain Name & Website

What’s Your Speciality?

In addition to installing and designing websites, I develop online courses using your expert knowledge to help you generate passive, ongoing income. If you have a skill, why not share it with others?

Client Story

In this photo, Lucy works her magic with horses to help relieve tension. She is helping her clients do the same by developing online eLearning courses, and in doing so, she is scaling her business to include ongoing passive income. Click on the image to visit her new FREE website!

How can you turn your knowledge
into automatic revenue to help others?


3 Simple Steps to Install Your FREE Website

1.)   FREE Consultation

2.)   FREE Installation

3.)   You Provide Text & *Images

* Stock images can be used as placeholders
until you get the images you want.