About Munden Media

Hi & Welcome to Munden Media!


I am a web, graphic and instructional designer. I hold an undergraduate degree in Instructional design and a masters degree in instructional design technology from Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN.


I also spent 20 years as a Marketing Director in the graphics industry, specializing in product development, packaging design and global distribution of screen printing inks.


The next 20 years I spent in big pharma as an IT Quality Assurance & Validation Engineer, a mouthful, I know! Let’s just say, it included a lot of strategy building and a ton of technical writing!

Early Life in North Carolina


I am originally from North Carolina where I spent many years of my life on the water. I love to scuba dive so I chose the above image of the ocean because it reminds me of home.


I am a designer of just about anything. I have pretty much redesigned my whole house, which I find to be much like designing a website with a lot of rooms.


Knowing that my clients are not so enthusiastic about design or websites, in general, I enjoy relieving them of that burden and have structured my business to do just that, with a easy and fun way to build a website.


I present and you choose, no technical skills are required. As a consultant, I guide you along the steps of enlightenment, allowing you to take full control over your site. I focus on training you on how to manage your own site …. or I can do that as well.


Getting Down To Business


My business mission is to provide my clients with full control over their website presence. Most of my clients do not want to be web designers. With that in mind, I have created an affordable, all-in-one package that takes a minimal amount of their time so I can focus on the training, the basics of administrative maintenance. Simple adding, or editing pages.


How it works


  • You purchase a hosting plan.
  • Find a domain name you like
  • choose a website.


I do the rest.


  • I List your domain ($16/year)
  • Set up your control panel, and
  • Install your website.


You write the content and I teach you how to add high resolution images to customize each page. If you like, contact me and we can discuss your specific needs and I can pick a website that would work best, for you to review and approve.


The domain, cPanel setup and website installation is relatively quick, 8 to 10 hours. It is recommended you have a good vision, in mind of what you want and the process will be much smoother.



Video tutorials, included with each package, will guide you along the way, so you can feel comfortable logging into your administration panel and make any changes whenever you need.


You write the content and I can polish it up. If you have products or services to sell, I can give you some great tips on how to set it all up and even give you suggestions on how to expand your business for future growth.


I have been a technical writer for over 30 years so I can make a block of ice look really great! I look forward to working with each new client!


So, let’s get started!


If you don’t know where to start, I let’s have some fun brainstorming the possibilities!